Sunday, March 20, 2011

NEW JOB! (^__^)

Hi everyone! (n_n)* long time no blog = ( I am so sorry.

I've been so busy lately. Ohw but well let me share this goody good news~ I HAVE A NEWJOB! (yipeee!) isn't that cool? (^__^) well . . . IT IS! sooo fun. okay want to know what's my job? :) Im a . . . "Call Center Agent", I worked in a financial institution in short ~ BANK = )
Okay stop of the blah blahs tehee ;)) 
here are some of my photo shots at work.

(coz' it's so polluted here in manila)

Yay! here's my first day outfit = )
(got my temporary ID)

This is during our 15 minutes snack time = )
(eating kwek-kwek, one of our street delicacy)

OOPS! let me tell this, so bad! taking photos inside my company area is strictly prohibited!~HMP! (>.<)! It's the worst news I've ever received~seriously! (coz' I LOVE TAKING PHOTOS!-so much!) okay reason of that policy? well as the trainer said it's to protect the company area from bad people! coz taking fotos and posting it in public might help them analyze where to place the bomb! well it makes sense anyway so, better follow it! 

Tadaaa! here's my work outfit before the 2 days restday = )
saturday and sunday (n__n)* yah today is the last day for rest.

Mooore post stay tune! = )