Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Yipee I'm becoming a responsible blogger now ~ haha! I'm in the quest of updating all the events that happpened to me this year ~ rush rush! (^_^)

I wore a ballerina inspired dress, black and white is my theme :) paired with chained bag and flats for comfy yet stylish shopping

Everytime that I'm free to work I always make sure that I go out and treat Mom and dad, I just want them to feel that I have time for them and that they are the most special creature here on earth for me :))
The food (^_^) mom and dad loves fish and veggies so there :) and the people below? haha they are the staff of that resto or food chain they approached me and request to take a photo of them.
This are the christmas decor available at the mall! they all look awesome! It's the season to be jolly trala lala lala :))
The silly video of me mom and dad :)

..,after we went home I asked mom and dad if we could buy my puppy  "nano" a christmas present. But yeah I'm so excited and cannot wait til christmas so I let him see his gift.
I bought him a lace/collar and lead =)
..,I also took record some video while I'm showing nano (my puppy) his cute present, please watch :)
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