Friday, April 22, 2011


Hi there!
It's been how many weeks since I blog so sorry
been so busy w/ my work.
But bein' busy doesn't mean that Im stress out~in fact Im so so so . . .

It's my second day to take live calls, Im working in a call center and it's a bank. Kinda difficult but it's challenging and fun at the same time = ) I feel that slowly Im being more matured~yay! (n__n)*
I receive calls coming from UK (United Kingdom) and I must say I think UK people are nice people, I don't get any irate calls in my first two days, and Im thankful for that. Kudos to all the UK merchant that I've talked to, they patiently wait as I hold them. And it was so long! but still they managed to stay calm and nice, awww Im so lucky =...) and also Im so happy with my PM (that's what they called on the team mates who buddy-up with the newbies) they're so approachable and friendly, that's why I managed to take calls =)

I need more confidence to take control with the calls because honestly there are sometimes when I know I sound dumb! =( I don't know what to do and I panic and start to stutter! and I think I need more focus and confidence! so Im going to work on that =)

Im really determined and inspired to work, I love gaining new knowledge and being with different kind of people. It adds to my life-experiences, and that's so fun for me.

Ok time to sleep now, I'll sleep here at the office coz it's too late to go home. There are lots of bad people outside at this time, so better to be safe than never. Good mornight everyone!

*always pray before you sleep.