Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Short post about my outfit (^_^)
I love leopard since highschool :) but my classmates always tease me "granny" because they thought it was for old people, but yeah it's so fashionable now classmates! look! :)
Lovely shoes I saw at the mall, oh lace pumps looks so sexyyet sophisticated. Wish I will have one this year #ImHoping:)

Cute stuffs at the mall :) 
Oh! I'm being an active Tumblr blogger too and I post my cute photo shots there *like these :) so if you have tumblr please follow me: purpleheiress.tumblr.com (I follow back) see you there too! 

The pirate version of me *haha! Dad ask the guy at the background if I could borrow his hat and he willingly gave it to me (sweet!). There you go now as you scroll down your going to see two gangstaz muhahaha! :p
Me and dad are cool right? tehee IKR!
That's all people thanks for reading!