Saturday, November 19, 2011


Back to blogging after couple of uhmmm . . . days? still updating this blog of my escapades in previous months (^_^) hope to finish that all for me to be able to blog ~ REAL TIME. This pictures was taken when one of our family friends treat us. As always I love dressing up :) and to be with my family.
We ate at KKK Restaurant at SM Fairview, as you can see on my previous post it's my family's favorite restaurant (^_^) it serves Filipino Dishes, and all of them taste so awesome! That's why we keep on coming back :)
(haha) dad doesn't look like he's hungry right? =.p 
and look at his hottie picture here! (.^_^.) funny! :))
Look at my silly niece face! hahaha she looks like a little retard here =p
I so love the bottle chandelier in the place, it brings a lot of creative aura!
Hahaha my mom don't like being photographed (she hate me for that) 
but I can't help it, annoying her seems like my hobby haha *just kidding! :)) 
I love you mom! peace! (.^_^.)