Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This was taken a loooong time ago but I still wanna
document everything here in my blog so I decided to
put all my fotos and journey to create more fun in writing
I'm hoping to finish putting all the stuffs so that I will really
be updated in everything I post here,need more time to blog.


I'm a huge fan of Hair colors, and I love Hortaleza, I bought it at HBC.
It's the only hair dye that really colors my hair unlike other imported 
products that I've used before *like L'oreal and Revlon, It doesn't even
stain my hair, that's why I always use hortaleza hair products coz I 
believed that It suited Asian Hair than the imported hair colors.

I love the results, hortaleza never dissapoints me
with the outcome =) I'm so happy and excited w/
my new haircolor (^__^) btw these shots are taken
on my way to work *hihi I'm such a camwhore :))