Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy New Year everyone!
This will be my first post for the year 2012 (very late post) (^_^) I'm so excited to share what happened on my 20th birthday. This is the most memorable and special birthday in my 20 years of existence~true! I'm not the type of girl who always want her party to be so extravagant and pizzaz! I always have a simple birthday, and lately been spending it on the hospital (because of mom and dad major operation) but I'm happy wherever I spend my birthday it's fine with me =) 
Then one day, I ask my dad If I could have a party on my 20th and he says "ofcourse" 
then I say "uhmm can I invite my friends?" 
dad says: "Yes!"
me: larger than the usual? (3 persons)
dad: Sure!
me: (smile) yahoooo! (^_^)
So there =) I'm so excited to turn 20, bye bye teenage years! and hello to the new age :)) hope I'll be more matured coz I'm    very childish! (when you get to know me better) :))
1 day before my birthday:
Here's my dad and the construction workers painting and constructing our new house, were rushing to fix it all for the upcoming occasions (my birthday,christmas,new year and so on) 

1 day before my birthday:
Laing is a dish indigenous to the Bicol province. Rich and creamy, it's made from dried taro or gabi leaves and coconut milk.
Laing is one of my mom's specialty, It takes a lot of effort to cook this dish, but after the long cooking it's very worth it! All of our relatives even our neighbors loves this dish! =)  
Our lovely helpers =)

Midnight before my birthday:
My auntie Honey Pepz with my dad making the "DIY" flower decoration for the party tables (made from magazines) =)

Morning preparation (actual birthday) :
Look who's here?! (^_^) my boyfriend came in early so that he can help my family in preparing for the party ~ awww =..) so sweeet! two thumbs up!  This alone is one of my wonderful gifts

My cute niece and my bro's girlfriend
Chicken Lollipop (^_^)
My Auncle
My Auntie Honey Pepz
The Christmas tree that my aunt and my boyfriend set up :))

My dad is teaching my boyfriend (Lukas) how to make a sushi =") yum-yum! and just to share I'm so happy that my dad is now "kinda" okay with him =..) if you only knew how hard it is, and how long I've waited for this moment.
My pretty cousins tries to make some sushi too! :))
Aww =.( my handsome nephew Dash =)

Purpleheiress is now READY! (^_^)

Table set up =) so KAWAII! my auntie is the one who customized and alter the table clothing, it's so pretty! full of effort right? (^_^)

RELATIVES (Father's Side) :))

While waiting for our other friends (haha) we just look like some gangstas in the street =p

My pretty and jolly friend "Ate Gen"
My man and ate gen haha *uyyy!
RIVALRY BEGINS . . . (muhahaha!)

I'm so surprised and happy! =.) my boyfriend gave me 2 bunnies as a gift (WOW!) believe it or not that's my no.1 birthday wish,Thank you so much hubby! :)) I love you!

Look at that tired face of my hubby (awww) he's really tired, but he still manage to stay awake :))

These are the presents I got from my family, friends thank you guys (^_^) I do love it all!

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