Monday, August 22, 2011


Last month I joined the yearly run for the environment in our company. Since I was a newbie I don't hesitate to join, even if it's my restday. I excitedly prepared for the said event =) #SuperExcited!

All participants are required to wear green top (cool!), running shoes and jogging pants or sport shorts. I'm not a sporty girl but I find it fun and interesting to change my usual girly-girl stlye into sporty look =)
Here take a look:

WHOOOW! I need some water break #wew!

 #Wuzzzup with the star in my nose? =p

We jog around the company premises, at first I thought it was easy but I'm sooo wrong! coz' it's not! haha after 3 laps I'm almost into giving up! (-.-) #exhausted. But I still managed to continue- by walking (haha) I'm such a lazy girl.

But guess how many laps I've had? . . .
A total of . . . (suspense music insert)

(This rubber bands represents the number of laps I've had)

14 LAPS!
Wuhoooooo! I'M SO PROUD! (yeeeehey!)

Not a lot though but it's such a happy feeling to do something good for the environmen, and to experience that. awww . . . *tears of joy! =.)

I'M CERTIFIED! (^__^)*


After that me and ate pat (my workmate) headed to the diners to eat :)

I ate pork dumpling with rice and orange juice #YUM!

Then we rest for a while and went to the gym, we don't go there to have some work out, we actually want to take a shower (haha) but those people who uses the gym are the only one who can use that. So here's what we did:

PRETEND! as if were really having a work out (haha!)

I even record a video and post it in my youtube channel =p

But honestly, I'm really planning to go to the gym regulary! but I'm just a shy ass to go to the gym alone! I JUST CAN'T! and the sad part is I can't find any partner to go with me, and I STRICTLY WANT A FEMALE COMPANION! not some bulky muscled guy or anything! #PFT!

after that I went straight back home with my new fun experience

what my working place looks like when I'm in the over pass :)

P.S. I LOVE HSBC (sooo much!)

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