Tuesday, November 15, 2011



After long wishes and daydreams! :)) My Dad already bought me the P1000 Galaxy tab! (yes!!!) I'm so overwhelmed and excited! I want to run my fingers in this new gadget immediately! (hihi) 
I'm so happy! I want to cry in amazement.

Here are some of my self-taken pictures before dad announced that he's going to buy me that crazy lil thing :))

sorry about my crack nail polish, it's a
watermelon inspired nail art by the way :))

Here's my funny face of the day:
Look at the side of my lips! haha GROSS with all the choco stains I maintain to pout like that? (^_^) haha I'm such a dork!

My workmate and one of my close friend ate Rachel Ann joined me, mom and dad in mall strolling :)) so happy to see her! we haven't see each other for couple of months. So I decided to text her to come to the mall with me so we can have bonding moments.

And now for the P1000 moment shots 
Tadaaah! we have it! haha just kidding were just camwhoring with the dummy "fake" model of the P1000 that my oldest brother brought home haha were not showing off we just love being silly-that's it.
She's pretty right? she's the sales person who assist us inside the store, the funny part is she's the NOKIA's representative (haha) shhh.!!! don't tell anyone ok? or else I'll be dead now haha :)) but yeah she's so approachable and patient on all queries that we raised and questions we kept on asking.

Pinching my nose, hoping that it will have some improvements haha! =))

I'M SO HAPPY! Look at my beaming smile guys? ain't that shining? (^_^)
I will make a review about P1000 Galaxy Tab soon, please pray for me guys to be more updated and to have more time to blog =.) please? please?

I want your nose! haha Lemme get that! (^_^)

The coolest DAD in the world, I think he knows everything -so skilled!
My super MOM =) she has the nicest nose
haha why am I keep on having a "nose" topic here at my post? :))

Hahah! what's wrong dad? (O.O)
I love this shot =) It's looks COOL! -for me. haha


  1. You're so pretty! ^^. Where you from? ^^ Followed you!

  2. I follow you back! :D
    I love your nails <3 <3 so cute, and you look so pretty! :)

  3. @xiaoqing♥Aki ..,hi =) im from philippines =) thank you so much, youre pretty too! =.)

  4. @cominica ..,awww thanks =.) the nail polish is already craking haha, aww youre cuter than me (^-^)

  5. Great family bonding moments! I suddenly crave for crispy creme! you are so pretty indeed! :)

    following you now! :)

  6. @Sushee ..,aww youre so sweet (^_^) youre much prettier :)

  7. I seriously enjoyed this post.. and you just made me cry =(
    i miss my dad, eventhough he is not great and responsible like your dad..
    not about the material things though..
    i just wish he's here to comfort and support us=(
    I wish, i came from a happy family like yours.. simple yet so happy.

    I have a family now, and God is Good that he gave me a loving and supportive husband.
    My daughter is so lucky like you to have great parents..
    I wish she'll be proud of us too =)
    Thanks hun for sharing you family moments.. I admire you.
    Continue Loving your parents, you are lucky to have them.. =)

  8. @Diane ..,awww =...) it made me realized more that I need to be thankful. thank you so much for the lovely comment =.) I admire you so much ms. diane, your daughter is so lucky to have you maam.