Monday, December 19, 2011


Hello! :) I'm blogging more often now! Yipee! I want to update everything that happened this year so that I'll be more organized on 2012, NEW YEAR=exciting 

This are my shots when were inside my brother's office.

My second to the eldest bro is going to work now as a chef abroad  (I'm proud!) me, my mom and dad accompany him to the airport huhu  see you next year bro! be strong and always pray! 

Dad looks tired here, but still, me and mom forced him to go to Resort's World. We rode the shuttle from the airport, free ride=nice! :)

This is used when you want to check your card points =)

awww!!! look at my parents (how sweet!) (^_^)

I love PARIS HILTON so much! so I'm really excited to go to her botique, but I really need to save a lot to buy something here, they're all costly but I think it's worth it (^_^) ~xoxo!

Hahahahaha! my dad is superb!, still tired dad? :p
Why she has lots and me nuts! hahaha Life is so unfair! (~,~) so. . .gimme gimme gimee moooore! (^_^) 

Mom and dad always cuddle! (^_^)
Had a very wonderful night
thank you so much for reading! 


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  3. woow. so many pics, thanks for sharing XD~~ btw I really2 love your hairstyle! your bangs rocks ^3^

    n thx for your sweet comment too <33 teehee

  4. @Rindodo ♥ ..,aww thank you, you're much prettier! (^_^)