Saturday, December 17, 2011


Bloody new post here! :)) After weeks of pain I finally went to the dentist and have my impacted wisdom tooth removed. This was a late post though and I'm fine now, this happened maybe 2 months ago, and I just want to share my experience during this moment.

 Am I gross? (haha) i just want to share how f*cking fun it is for your tooth to be removed. So freaking painful! but it's worth it haha, I will not suffer from the agony of minute by minute tooth ache. So there :))

Say hello to my freaking tooth (^_^)
I had to put some "Ice stick" to my jaw to 
ease the pain and yeah it helps, effective! 
Looking "dead" here! hahaha whatta face!

The answer is . . .  NO! it's not painful! :) I swear! when the dentist is removing them in my huge mouth haha I don't feel any pain! I just feel that there's something moving inside then poooop! the dentist showed me my super huge tooth! :)) I just felt the hurt after an hour! damn! I want to eat but I can't! the feeling is so stingy and the only thing I can take is soup! and the worst part is when I swallow it tastes like blood! so there I'm a vampire for a while haha.
 This is the documentary video that I took myself :)) 
P.S. yup! I know the dentist is not wearing gloves, I request that coz I hate the taste of gloves. that's it! thanks for reading! :) 

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