Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Yay! (^_^) hi everyone, I'm so excited bout this post of mine because . . .  because (suspense music insert >>>) because It's my first time to post pictures of me and my boyfriend here on my blog haha yehey! I can finally do it! YES! YES! I haven't blog him because my family don't really like him =( at FIRST! but after almost 4 freaking long years (gosh! yes!) they finally learned to accept him =...) thanks MOM and DAD, and to my two bros!




There he is! (.^_^.) the LOVE of MY LIFE . I so love this dude! we've been together for almost 4 years and just to share HE'S MY FIRST BOYFRIEND =...) and I want him to be my last and my future husband (awww) what's with the drama? haha.
Seriously, I don't know how to explain (exactly) the feeling but as far as my heart knows it's the most weirdest feeling of all! (LOVE), you smile without any reason, you laugh at simplest joke, and you got jealous for simplest reason. It's weird just like that but you can't help it, it's like you're flying, floating, or whatsoever and just simply don't care. =)

He's the most conservative,traditional,loving,neat (super!), God fearing, Family oriented guy I know in the planet! He really have a pure good heart! that's what attract me the most about him! oops am I getting too cheesy now? haha, oh by the way his name? call him LUKAS (at your service~hahaha!)

Owkey, enough of my blushing post about my hubby I'm just going to tell (all) about him and a different post =) , It's suppose to be about Kobe Bryant haha, so let's get it on (^_^)

Hubby surprised me and bought 2 tickets, and ask me for a date. To be honest? ... uhmm I like the date part but the Kobe thingee uhmm no problem I'm gonna give it a try =) it's just that I'm not into basketball, or any sport. But anything just to be with him COUNT ME IN! go go go! (hahaha)

He's really excited to get inside, but I insisted to stay for a while outside and camwhore with all the poster first! (haha) and I think it will not going to start on time anyway ;)) so there I think he's enjoying it, right?


 Lots of people want to see Kobe, look at the crowd!
 looking for the right door for us to enter, look at him does he look excited or pissed of because I kept on taking photos (haha) and oooh my bag looks good on him =p
See! I told yah! it's not starting! It's not even full yet! :) so we better camwhore (again) to kill time :))
 Hahaha ! my hubby looks dissapointed that were almost 1 hour late but's it not even starting , I'm so good at predicting =p alright morephotos of hubby looking annoyed :))

The Stage ( Plain and Simple)
Got hungry so we decided to bought some food
Hahaha this picture is so funny! (.n_n.) look how he stares in the hotdog! Looks like he don't wanna share it with me!, you selfish pretty boy! gimme some ! ! ! :))
This is the SEXIEST picture of the night whahaha!

After a while . . . . . .
Lights suddenly
Turn off and people are yelling and screaming at the top of their voices, I was like ooops what's happening (too busy eating and taking photos) :))

Oh my IT'S ALREADY FULL! :)) (at last!)

Hubby was like (O.O) nervous, tense,and he kept on saying "is this real? yeah THIS IS SOOO REAL! he's about to have a nervous breakdown haha just kidding ! (^_^)
And I was like woohhooo! yes I'm cheering too! going with the flow, but I must admit I got carried away and I start shouting, yelling like yeah! :))
Great dance opening performance
Bianca Gonzales and A DJ hosted the program
After the interview session our very owned PBA players and University players had a game :) while Kobe is watching~COOL!
And Kobe decided to join the game :) 
Everyone is cheering and was so amazed by him! He's great! and my boyfriend is really starstruck! hmmm this is our date right!? haha it's fine ( I love seeing him happy! )
After the game we went outside to stroll
Suddenly hubby excitedly grabs my hand! hmm there you go he saw PBA players (I guess?) across the street so we approached and ask if we could take pictures with them :)
 Hubby is so HAPPY (^_^)
Me too ofcourse :) and that's the end of our date time to go home, thanks for reading (^_^)

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